Study Resources

Building a Foundation

We all come from different backgrounds, and whether you are just starting out in your journey of faith or have been traveling along this path for quite some time - it can be really helpful to look at the foundational truths our faith is founded upon. Check out these 4 short studies developed by CRU that you can work through on your own, with a friend, or in a small group.
How to utilize these resources:
  1. Download each study guide to print or email a copy (if printing, opt for double-sided and fold sheet of paper).
  2. Read and review each study guide and jot down your responses to the questions.
  3. Allow enough time (i.e. one week) for each participant to work through the study guide.
  4. Set a time to review and discuss the material together.
  5. Be sure to encourage comments and questions as this foundational material can provoke great conversations.

Supplemental Resources

The Christian life is a marathon, not a sprint. No matter how much progress we have made in our personal growth, there is always more to learn, more to experience, and more to apply. As you consider areas of growth in your own life, perhaps these resources on a wide variety of topics can help you go deeper in your walk with Jesus.

RightNow Media

The online content through RightNow Media can be helpful in finding redemptive ways to pass the time, explore a topic of interest, entertain kids that are stuck at home, or go deeper in our relationship with Christ. There are also Christian resources on RightNow Media, such as: Bible Studies, sermons, training, kids programming, along with some entertainment-based content.

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Dig Into the Bible

There are a lot of great Bible Study guides available. Here are a few examples of great Bible Studies & Online Lessons to use for personal use, one-on-one discipleship, or small groups.