Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

Our Mission

The mission of Faith Church is to make disciples who make disciples who passionately pursue Christ, build community, and unleash compassion to the glory of God.

Our Vision

The vision of Faith Church is be a growing community of disciples who love God, each other, and our community with the same love we have experienced from Jesus.

Our Pathway

The Christian life doesn't have to be complicated. A disciple of Jesus is simply someone who follows him. We encourage everyone to pursue their Next Step in following Jesus through five simple steps: Come, Connect, Commit, Contribute, & Cultivate. Everyone from a person just investigating the Christian faith to a long-time follower of Jesus can follow this Path.


Jesus made the first step in the life of a disciple simple: "COME to me all who are weary...and I will give you rest." We do this weekly at a Sunday Service, special events or a Discover Faith event.


Jesus taught the crowds, but he also spent time with his disciples in smaller groups. As his disciples we also want to CONNECT with each other in a small groups. We do this in Adult Classes, Life Groups, and a variety of other settings.


Jesus has always had a lot of fans, but he regularly called people to COMMIT to following him whole-heartedly. We do this through baptism, membership, & giving.


Jesus taught that we enter His kingdom by grace through faith apart from works, and yet he wants us to CONTRIBUTE to what he is doing to build his kingdom in this world. We do this by using our time, treasures, & talents to serve God and others.


Jesus told his original disciples that the mission doesn't stop with them. They were called to go out and CULTIVATE his kingdom work in the world by sharing the life-changing good news of Jesus with others.

Take Your Next Step

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